Guild Wars Thread Order (OOC)

A fantastical world filled with action and adventure, where the land can be both beautiful and deadly. An RP world based on the Guild Wars game, individuals and groups of people battle deadly creatures, powerful nemeses and each other to maintain a balance between good and evil. Professions of the land include Monks, Rangers, Warriors, Elementalists, Necromancers, Mesmers, Ritualists, Assassins, Dervish and Paragons. Ocassionally humans will seek aid from the 5 gods, Balthazar, Melandru, Dwayna, Grenth, and Lyssa when confronting a powerful foe beyond their abilities.
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Guild Wars Thread Order (OOC)

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Thread Order for IC Posts

The story will be presented chronologically if you read threads in the following order:

1.) Whispers from the Peaks (Part One)

2.) Whispers from the Peaks

3.) Islands on Another World

Other/Backstory: The Scrying Pool
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