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Posted: Fri Nov 18, 2022 2:03 am
by Monkey Kitty
Pyrran Onyk Mahr

Once again, the Sith lord was thrown off balance.

"Your trial?" he repeated numbly, trying to catch up with this unexpected reversal. "But that... that is absurd."

Looking away from Teizi, he faced the body of the Council.

"Forgive my candor, but you are making a tremendous mistake by calling the honor of this Jedi into question. Jedi Lin has exemplified all the virtues of your Order from the moment I met her. She is kind and generous but fair, wise and patient. Again and again, she has risked her own life to save others. All the while, she has taken time to teach her padawan. You are lucky to have Jedi Lin among you, and you should be treating her with gratitude, not suspicion. I am sure you will not take the word of a Sith. But you need not. Ask anyone she has met on Rishi. All the many people she has helped. And they will tell you the same thing."

"Thank you, Lord Pyrran," Mona Pell replied, before Jesk had a chance to cut in. "That will be all. I believe when have heard enough. Jedi Lin, please step outside while the Council confers."

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Posted: Tue Dec 06, 2022 10:49 pm
by Quaxo9
Jedi Teizi Lin and Padawan Dallyn

She managed to shut off the holo, bow, and walk out of the Council chambers without either blushing or registering surprise at Pyrran's glowing character witness.Her gloved hand pushed the massive door shut behind her and she leaned against them, trying to take stock of what had happened. Master Jesk's wild accusations and frankly, equally wild behaviour. Perhaps more disturbing was the information let slip about Master Visper. Teizi needed to process this information.

"Master! They let you go already?"

Padawan Dallyn had clearly been pacing the balcony for some time, very unJedi-like levels of concern emanating off him. How long had he been out here? Perhaps more importantly, what had the Jedi sent to pick them up been telling him?

"Everything is in order, padawan. Did the Imperial get away safely?"

"Wha? You can't really be concerned about that scummy intelligence agent..."

Teizi looked down at the young man. She was honestly taken aback. True, the woman was a spy for a group in the galaxy who was not exactly allied with them. But the addition of the word 'scummy'...that was dangerous language. The young man seemed to know it too as he swallowed hard and looked down, fingering his belt.

"Dallyn. I think...I think we need to have a discussion...when this is done."

The boy nodded and looked away. Teizi couldn't help but feel a pang of worry that somewhere along the line she'd gone wrong.

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Posted: Tue Dec 13, 2022 1:09 am
by Monkey Kitty
Master Mona Pell

After an hour or so, Master Pell emerged alone from the Council chambers. Her expression was calm and unreadable.

"Jedi Lin, if you would come with me? I need to speak with you privately before the Council reconvenes."

Pell led Teizi past the closed Council chamber doors and down the hall to a small private conference room. She closed the door behind them, and only then did she spare a smile.

"I apologize for all of this, Jedi Lin... Teizi. Today did not go as we intended. As you know, we had questions about your time on Rishi, but they were only that - questions. Which you answered to our satisfaction. What followed was necessary but... unfortunate. I apologize that you were made to feel like a criminal on trial."

For a moment, Pell looked sad, but it faded just as quickly. "I must be candid. It was a trial of a sort. But not for you. For some time, we have been worried about Master Jesk. He believes so strongly in the Republic, which is in itself admirable, but we fear he has lost sight of the fact that the Republic and the Jedi Order are not one and the same, nor do our goals always align. At times, Jesk has strayed into viewing the Jedi as a mere Force-wielding arm of the Republic Army. There is a line, and to be frank, Jesk has been getting too close to it now for some time. Master Furri and I privately feared he had crossed it, but we had to be sure - and then we had to ensure he displayed it candidly enough that there could be no doubt among the rest of the Council what needed to be done."

She folded her hands as if in thought, but continued, "I must ask a little more of you today, Jedi Lin. As you no doubt suspect, we think that Master Jesk has fallen to the Dark side. The Council does not believe he is beyond help. But for us to guide him back to the Light, we must bring him here - we can do nothing for him while he continues to evade us. Sadly, the only way we can think of to do so is to set a trap with a lie. We have called Jesk to Tython, telling him that he must be present at your sentencing for the ruling to be binding. Will you be willing to go along with this ploy for a time, so that we might safely contain him?"

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Posted: Mon Jan 02, 2023 1:15 am
by Quaxo9
Teizi Lin

Teizi wondered if she should have suspected something like this. If she should have known this trial wasn't about her. She shook her head to clear out the self-centred thoughts. It was wrong to focus on herself at a time like this. A Master on the Council falling to the Dark Side was a much more important problem. One that she was able to help with simply by being present. And perhaps a bit gullible.

"Of course." she nodded briskly and remained standing with hands folded in front of her.

Teizi had been compliant thus far with the wishes of the Council and she saw little need to behave otherwise. Part of her wanted to ask how the Council intended to guide Jesk back to the Light - after all, had he chosen the Dark Side. Or had he simply, as they said, fallen that way unintentionally? Of course, if they could force someone from Dark to Light... As much as she didn't like Jesk, she admitted some concern over the methods the Council had discussed during the trial. Methods used on one Master Averrod-Iresso.

One thing was certain, she wished she didn't know that piece of information. Because she didn't know what to do with it. What it meant.

Where it left the Order.

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Posted: Sun Jan 22, 2023 2:45 am
by Monkey Kitty
The Jedi Temple

"Thank you, Teizi," Mona said sincerely. "I know this sort of thing isn't easy for you - deceiving people. That doesn't come naturally to you. That speaks well of you, you know, that you're so honest. But I'm sure you'll be relieved to have this messy business over with. Jesk will be here within a few hours. You and your padawan may do as you wish in the meantime - rest, eat, meditate? Just ask, and we'll provide what you need. I would only ask that you not do your visiting right now, or spend the time roaming the temple grounds. It would be a bit hard to pull off the ruse that you're our prisoner if Jesk hears you spent the whole day wandering about, only to be shuffled off to the Council chambers conveniently when he arrives. We'll let you know when we're ready to begin."

Master Pell was good as her word, and for the next few hours Teizi and Dallyn could do what they liked, and anything they needed was provided. Then one of Mona's students knocked on the door. "Beg pardon, Jedi Lin, but Master Jesk has arrived. If you'll follow me to the Council chambers?"

When the heavy stone doors swung open and Jesk strode into the room, although the Masters were far too practiced in controlling their emotions to let a visible or audible reaction slip, it was as if the air had suddenly been sucked out of the room and the atmosphere electrically charged, as they all sensed the same thing at the same time. Despite the hood pulled down and partially obscuring his countenance, the taint of the Dark Side seemed to radiate faintly off Master Jesk, like a thin but persistent cloud of damp.

Jesk himself didn't seem to notice the reaction of everyone else. His gaze remained fixed on Teizi. "Well?" he said. "What do you have to say for yourself, Jedi?"