Friends in High Places

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... The Republic and the Empire maintain a fragile truce, but the threat of open war hangs heavy as both sides quietly vie for power and domination. In the midst of this volatile mix of factions and schemes, unlikely heroes must fight to preserve all they hold dear.
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Friends in High Places

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Siralai Mahr

Siralai swore under her breath. Then, in a more audible and even tone, Siralai replied, "I take your point. Unfortunately, diplomacy is something we need to at least attempt. If we simply attack them outright, even if we win, we'll paint a target on our backs for the Jedi Order and possibly half the Republic as well. Just... keep them away from the house, please. I'll be right there."

If it ended in bloodshed - and it probably would end in bloodshed - they just had to make sure it was clear to anyone witnessing that they hadn't struck the first blow. Even the Jedi, stodgy as they could be, surely wouldn't expect someone who was attacked to refrain from defending themselves.

One way or the other, though, Siralai wouldn't allow her people to be hurt. And her people now included the three Onyks, Arksynn, and Reyth.
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