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Re: Mek-Sha Nightlife (Star Wars)

Posted: Sat Nov 14, 2020 2:36 am
by Quaxo9
Padawan Dallyn and Neva Xolte

"I can get us in close, no problem. There's a landing pad directly above one of these spots, so...wait." She knew there was something bothering her about the two possibilities. "That's the one we need to go to - there has to be a way to get people and stuff down to that lab - and no one builds a secret underground lab without a back door. My money is on some sort of shielded entrance there - shielded or only powers up when they need it. I can't see these people being patient enough to lug everything around by hand." A derisive snort accented her opinion. "So, we should probably stake out that hangar after we land." Patting Dallyn on the shoulder she turned to get back to the ship.

As relieved as he was that they weren't splitting up - at least not just yet - he couldn't help but feel a touch inadequate. Why did his master send him along on this mission if he wasn't going to be of any help? To learn, of course. The though broke him out of his self-pitying reverie. Of course he didn't know everything. Of course he wasn't going to be the one to save the day. But if he continued his training - one day he might be ready enough to be the person to step up at the right time.

Neva noticed the young man pick up his head - and his feet. Clearly, whatever he'd just said to himself had perked him right up. Which was definitely a good thing. She really didn't know the first thing about cheering up a Jedi and they kinda needed him to be ready to go when the time came to bust some heads.

The flying was the easy part - finding a secret entrance - not her department. She checked her blasters over while she let the planning-types figure out where to go from there.

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Posted: Sat Nov 14, 2020 3:10 am
by Quaxo9
Reyth and Arksynn

"It's no good! She's too far gone! She can't hear you!"

The boy's voice cracked, sending his last sentence into a higher range, belying his fear. And it was fear. He'd only seen Reyth like this once before - after she'd been through the machine. That...had been a bad day. Even Lord Anewe hadn't seen it coming. She'd never treated Reyth the same after that.

The sandstorm had picked up further, lightning crackling randomly through it. He could not longer see her - which mean that she couldn't see him either. If there was anything he'd picked up on, it was that Reyth tended to be highly visual in this state. The other thing he'd noticed was that she always went after him. Siralai was getting awfully close to the out-of control thing his fellow sith became and for a moment, he found himself frozen in place. He couldn't let Siralai become collateral damage this time. Last time, it had cost her her eye protecting Reyth - he couldn't let her get hurt on his account. Besides, there was nothing she could do.

"Run now! She'll tire herself out soon!"

He realized belatedly that just because Reyth couldn't see him didn't mean she didn't know exactly where he was. Arksynn should have taken his own advice. A blast of power pushed the sand up ahead of it in a straight line for the young sith. The grains lept up into arcs, dancing to unseen forces. Then came the lightning and the arcs of sand became scythes of glass standing up out of the beach, the ones closest to the whirlwind shattering even as the ones closest to Arksynn began solidifying.

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Posted: Sat Nov 14, 2020 5:14 am
by Monkey Kitty
Siralai Mahr

Siralai understood the wisdom of Arksynn's words. She could recognize the weight of experience behind them.

But she wouldn't do as he asked. She couldn't. It simply was not in her nature to turn and run. To turn her back, and leave one young Sith to face danger alone, and the other to blaze and flame out.

Extending her hands in front of her, she reached out to Reyth with the Force. She couldn't see the young woman - but she could feel her. Through the sand and glass and the rage, Siralai reached. To grasp, to hold - but not harshly. Not as she would an enemy. She reached out with gentleness, not so much to restrain but with the semblance of a comforting hand.

Then she began to sing. The same lullaby tune she had sung before... but not the same words.

"Her name is Reyth.
Reyth is brave.
Reyth is strong.
Reyth is stronger than this.
Reyth is more than this storm.
She can rise above it.
She can control it.
She is no prisoner to fate.
Her life is her own."

As she sang, Siralai was painfully aware that this was probably the stupidest thing she had ever done. What kind of idiocy mixed with ego did it take to think she could stop a rampaging Sith with a song? Not even a real song. She'd been making it up on the fly, and it didn't even rhyme. She would need to figure something out, and quickly... some real solution. But for now, this was the only idea she had.

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Posted: Sat Nov 14, 2020 2:40 pm
by Monkey Kitty
Visper Averrod

"So what's the plan?" Felix asked. "Just go in blasting? I'm not saying no if that's what we need to do, but is there an alternative to diving in blind?"

"I have a mouse droid back on the ship," Theron said. "We can send that in first for some recon. Get a better idea of what we're dealing with."

Visper arched an eyebrow. He had a mouse droid? And he was just mentioning this now?

Theron half-grinned, taking her meaning. "It wouldn't have helped us till now. Its range is too short. In a populated area like these districts, you'd attract more unwanted attention standing around trying to pilot it than you would just going in yourself. Out in the middle of nowhere, though, we can just pop it down a ventilation shaft and see what we see. No guarantees about what it'll be able to capture, but it's better than going in entirely sight-unseen."

Visper and Felix both had to agree with that.

The arrival at the designated site was uneventful. The site itself was... also uneventful. Visper looked around, but saw no sign of any secret underground lab complex. Were they in the wrong place? She reached out with her mind, sensing the currents of the Force - and no, this felt right. All the data had pointed them here, and her intuition told her this was the right spot.

"So... how do they get in?" Visper wondered.

After some looking around, she spotted a discreet computer panel on a nondescript pylon.

"Dallyn, over to you again," Visper said. "We'll watch your back."

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Posted: Tue Nov 17, 2020 12:55 am
by Quaxo9
Padawan Dallyn and Neva Xolte

He had taken the intervening time to meditate and renew his connection to the Force. Perhaps that was why he had some of the new ideas he did. Turning, he asked Lana for the datapad she'd taken off the scout and thanked her for its receipt. She had closed a few files before doing so, he noted, but he doubted they would have been the files he was looking for. As he walked toward the computer panel, he busied himself with scrolling through pockets of information while offering up a brief explanation.

"This lift has no power running to it unless they need it - so if it starts up all of a sudden, they might get suspicious. What I'm looking for is their usual code for shipment arrival. If I can copy this guy's usual report, coupled with his ID, we shouldn't meet with any resistance."

Neva had to admit that was pretty good thinking, though she thought it couldn't hurt to point out the obvious. "And what about the personnel lift?"

"I'll bring it topside and shut it down. That way, if anyone down there wants to come up, they'll be waiting for the lift before they realize it's not coming."

Dallyn found what he was looking for an began working at the console. He pointed out a likely point of entry for the mouse droid, entered some codes, and lights came on around the edges of two large wall plates accompanied by the unmistakable sound of a large lift grinding its way upward. He allowed himself a slight smile of satisfaction before regaining his composure and handing the datapad back to the Sith.

"So, I was thinking I'd stick around up here - make sure no one else messes with the controls and keep the engines hot in case we need to make a quick getaway. I'm no pro slicer, but I should be able to give you a hand that way if need be." While going down there and beating the snot out of the guys who tortured Felix and the girls was a tantalizing fantasy, Neva was a realist. They were there to cause trouble, which meant that they had to be ready for retaliatory gestures. Besides, they'd done quite the number on the Brothers and word of that was sure to get back to Gritha Dar. She planned on them all being far away from Mek-Sha when it did.

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Posted: Tue Nov 17, 2020 2:06 am
by Monkey Kitty
Visper Averrod

"Excellent work, Dallyn," Lana said.

Visper nodded acceptance of Neva's offer. "You shouldn't stay up here alone, though," she pointed out. "Things may get a little hectic once the alarm gets raised."

"I can stay and help," Theron volunteered. "Between the two of us, we should be able to keep your path of retreat clear. Just be careful with my mouse droid, okay? That thing was expensive. Don't let it get blown to bits."

"We'll do our best," Visper promised.

Lana had closed the more graphic files on the datapad - less to shield Dallyn's sensibilities than for the privacy of the rescued experimental subjects, who didn't necessarily want their suffering exposed for all to see. What was left on the screen were purchase receipts and transaction records. For people. They were people, being bought and sold. Apparently this scout had been the liaison between the slaver gang and the rogue scientists, providing subjects for the nasty business of their work. Looking at their codes should give Dallyn a good idea of what information would be needed to impersonate an expected visitor delivering 'cargo,' and open the door.

The mouse droid was quite useful. There seemed to be two primary researchers in the lab, as well as a number of lackeys. There were a few test subjects, too. The view from the droid was enough to determine they were in rough shape. It was not clear, though, whether they were dead or alive.

"Looks like we have a little problem," Lana pointed out.

Visper took her meaning. "The scout named three apprentices. I only see two."

"Exactly," Lana agreed. "Where is the third? Gone, but for how long?"

"We just have to hope for the best, I guess," Visper replied. And prepare for an ambush, she added silently.

Felix was looking grim and a little green around the gills, staring at the handiwork of Jarak's apprentices on the monitor screen.

"Are you okay?" Visper asked quietly.

Felix gave a tight little nod. "I will be," he said. "Let's do this."

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Posted: Tue Nov 17, 2020 4:13 am
by Quaxo9

If it hadn't been for the Force, she never would have found Arksynn to begin with. The Force and her rage. That was all she was. Force. Rage. Nothing else. No reason. No desires. No existence. She gave all of that away. Willingly gave everything. She was away. Empty except for this. Only this. Rage.

The touch was shocking.

Reyth gasped. The path of glass shards stopped their advance abruptly. The whirlwind reversed on itself for a second before it continued its howling. But - Siralai had her attention. Inside the miniature hurricane, Reyth took a stumbling step. The swirling mass turned ever so slightly toward Siralai. The lightning began to build up inside the sand dome, arcs escaping to crackle in the humid air before disappearing back inside.

But then came the song. Her song. The possessiveness surprised her. Surprised the rage. The melody...she knew...but the words. The words were for her. Just for her. She had taken that song. Stole it away. Put it in a safe place. But now here it was - remade. Remade and given. The roar tried to tell her that there would be strings attached. It was a trick - a trap - not safe. But Reyth couldn't listen to the roar while the song was being sung. Her song.

The lightning disappeared first, rapidly collapsing inward, followed by the sand and glass falling to the ground. Reyth stood in the centre of the polished crater, shaking, arms stretched down and away from her body like they had been tied to the ground. She looked up at Siralai, the darkness draining away from her eyes even as she blinked at her in confusion. The girl slowly sank to the ground, looking around at the carnage without any indication that she knew how it had happened.

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Posted: Wed Nov 18, 2020 12:24 am
by Monkey Kitty
Siralai Mahr

When Reyth turned her wrath toward Siralai, the former Jedi braced herself... but didn't draw her lightsaber. This wasn't the time to lie to herself, and the truth was, she was not psychologically capable of harming Reyth. Not now. Not even at the expense of her own life. Some prices were simply too high, and Reyth was not an acceptable loss.

She was relieved, then, when Reyth seemed to lose energy and the storm faded. Had the song been a good idea after all? Had Reyth gained strength from it? Or had it simply been coincidence - Reyth running out of steam, as Arksynn had predicted?

An interesting question... but not the most relevant one here. The more important thing was making sure they were both alright.

"Arksynn, are you okay?" she asked. "Are you hurt?"

He didn't seem any worse for the wear, so Siralai knelt to put herself on Reyth's eye level.

"You're safe now, Reyth," Siralai said. "It's over. You're going to be alright."

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Posted: Sat Nov 21, 2020 3:55 am
by Quaxo9
Padawan Dallyn and Neva Xolte

"I don't really want to tear this whole asteroid apart hunting him down. Here's hoping he'll save us the trouble." Not that they wouldn't tear it was just that she didn't really want to get a rep for ripping apart smuggler's haven - kinda being one herself.

Neva eyed Felix as the underground crew stepped onto the lift. He wasn't looking so good - not that she could blame him. He might just be the bravest man she knew. As the doors shut out their faces from view and the lift began to descend, Neva shifted her focus to the landing platform. Just because it was empty now didn't mean it was going to stay that way. Not only did they potentially have this third guy slated to reappear, who knows if they were expecting supplies shipped today...

"Hey Theron. Kinda funny they have no guards up here, i'nt it?"


Dallyn was trying to ignore the fact that his lips suddenly seemed incredibly dry. His toes wiggled inside his boots, his fingers tapped the hilt of his lightsaber. He wasn't sure why, exactly. It wasn't like he was impatient to go kill these people or anything. It struck him that he wasn't the only person who was uncomfortable. He wasn't sure exactly what Felix had gone through, but from the looks of the girls back on Rishi and the info he'd skimmed in that datapad...he was pretty sure he didn't want to know. Of course, they were currently on their way to ground zero, so he probably wouldn't have a choice.

"When we get in, we need to find the mainframe. I can wipe everything from there - but only there. Plus, I'll be able to see if they sent any data to anyone else."

While he was sure that he was stating the obvious, he wanted to cover his bases. The others seemed pretty focused on the assistants themselves, which made sense, but he wanted to make sure that anyone coming after wouldn't have anything to go on.

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Posted: Sat Nov 21, 2020 10:56 pm
by Quaxo9
Reyth and Arksynn

She heard the words but they didn't quite register. The smoothness of the glass dish she found herself sitting in garnered most of her interest. Where it had come from was a total mystery - until she looked up and into Arksynn's eyes. Then, like always, it all came rushing back. Even though she must have known what she was doing at the time, she still felt so dirty. Like she needed to wash whatever it was off her skin - out of her brain - but she knew she couldn't. It was just who she was now. And she needed to get used to that.

Reyth wouldn't meet Siralai's eyes, even though she had thrown on a scowl for the occasion. Instead, she kept her head down and crawled out of the glass bowl on all fours, collapsing in a heap on the loose sand. Shards of glass bit into her hands and cheek, but instead of pulling away, she pressed down into them. She deserved it. And he helped ground her for a moment. She felt so tired and so full of energy all at once. If she could just pick one it would be so much better. Closing her eyes, she wished for the former. If she could just pass out, she wouldn't have to deal with this right now. Not dealing with this ever would be nice...but Reyth didn't think she'd get so lucky.


He always marvelled at how she could get paler. Of course, he was more interested in how Reyth never seemed to remember anything about her episodes until she saw him, but the simpler thing was a nice distraction. In a way, it made him angry. It was like it was his fault. She was always angry at him and she only remembered what she did when she saw him again. And he always picked her back up again. He was getting tired of that.

Arksynn finally sheathed his lightsabers and spared one withering glance at Reyth before she stalked back toward the house. He passed Pyrran on his way up to the porch, carefully righted his chair, at sat down to stare at the game board. It was his move, after all. It was his move.