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Re: Start of Term (Hogwarts)

Posted: Thu Nov 19, 2020 2:38 am
by Quaxo9
Rosemary Bain

She nodded, letting out a deep breath through her nose as she leaned back in her chair. "Yes, she agreed to be a witness - and yes, I'd love for you to be there too. I'm not sure how long this thing is going to go. I just...could really use my posse with me." A small snort erupted involuntarily at Eve's jest. "While that would be hilarious, I think you're right. It might be counter-productive to have you come. Barclay is...insufferable enough without him giving me more reasons to dislike him."

The ire arose in her as she thought back on her dealings with the man just from that day alone. His horrible treatment of Eve. How he just waltzed into Hogwarts like he owned the place. His disdain for her. How he hated Keeva just looking at her - never gave her a chance just because of what she was. The enormity of it all finally came crashing down. Rosemary would never call herself a proud woman - but she would call herself a strong one.

Begging off further conversation, she claimed tiredness - which wasn't exactly a lie - and gently booted her friends out the door. She suspected Cambria knew what she was on about, but Rosemary couldn't bring herself to upset Eve any further. Her friend had had a hard enough day. Besides, she didn't want Eve to confuse her tears for fear. She wasn't afraid of Barclay. She wasn't afraid of Azkaban - mostly because she didn't believe she'd actually be going there. No, she was angry. And broken-hearted. Worried, perhaps. So many things.

Rosemary sat in those feelings for a long while until she admitted to herself that she actually was afraid. She really wasn't cut out for Azkaban. And she had all these creatures who relied on her for care - like Keeva, whom she realized hadn't been given the best welcome. She offered to find the acromantula something to eat, and that pittance of hospitality complete, she finally collapsed on her bed and sank into a fitful sleep.


She'd felt much better in the morning, her usual optimism shining through at breakfast. The morning classes went by well enough, though Keeva seemed to be rather overwhelmed by all the people - not to mention all their small creatures she wasn't allowed to eat. Rosemary was growing a bit concerned that some students may be missing their pet rats by the end of the semester and starting making some serious plans to help her acromantula settle in. Lunch as usual, though the tension was starting to build and Rosemary caught herself fussing with her robes and looking out the window for no reason at all. Nervous energy. She just wanted it to be done with. Somehow 3 o'clock seemed so far away.

But the hour finally came and Rosemary stood next to Cambria awaiting Headmaster McGonagall's arrival. She'd contemplated dressing up in her Sunday best, as it were, but in the end decided against it. She wanted to go in feeling comfortable, after all. Beside, it wasn't as though her usual attire weren't befitting of a day visit to the Ministry of Magic.

"Thank-you. For being here." she whispered, briefly taking hold of Cambria's hand. This was the last moment she'd have to steady herself before whatever it was Barclay had cooked up for her.

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Posted: Thu Nov 19, 2020 11:00 pm
by Monkey Kitty
Cambria Morehouse

Eve didn't seem to sleep at all that night, Cambria noticed. And Cambria herself slept only fitfully, waking again and again and never falling into a true deep slumber. How could either of them? Cambria was terrified for Rosemary, as much as she tried to be positive and upbeat. And Eve... knew exactly what was at stake.

When the appointed time came, Cambria was ready, dressed in her best and most professional - by witching standards, at least - attire. She squeezed Rosemary's offered hand, and held it a moment. "It's going to be okay," she promised in a whisper.

Then Barclay entered the room, followed by a tall woman with dark skin and stately bearing - Hermione Granger, the Minister for Magic.

Barclay looked triumphant, like a cat who had caught a mouse. Hermione was harder to read. She was solemn, certainly, but also seemed slightly distant, as if she had a thousand things on her mind and this matter was too trivial to merit her full attention. Cambria took that as a good sign. Surely if she thought she was facing a dangerous witch who deserved Azkaban, the Minister wouldn't be mentally multitasking the rest of her to-do list.

"Professor Bain," Hermione said pleasantly. "Professor Morehouse. Headmistress McGonagall. I would say it's nice to see you, in other circumstances. Now, Professor Bain... can you tell me exactly why we're here today?"

Barclay glanced sharply at her, but the Minister seemed unfazed. "Yes, Barclay," she went on. "You told me. In detail. In... exceeding detail. I'd like to give Professor Bain the opportunity to speak for herself, though."

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Posted: Thu Nov 19, 2020 11:21 pm
by Monkey Kitty
Eve Travers

Eve hadn't expected to have any difficulty being alone. She'd been alone for nineteen years. Even when her confinement had not been solitary, even with other prisoners around - she had been alone. But this was unlike what being alone in Azkaban meant. She wasn't just by herself. People who were important to her weren't here. And that was a crucial difference. Especially since she was absolutely terrified for Rosemary.

She did her best to be normal. She cared for Shelby and Basil. She fed and petted Keeva.

Ultimately, though, she couldn't hold it together. Eve ended up in a darkened corner, hunched over, rocking back and forth.

"Mum?" Liam called, knocking and then pushing open the door.

Eve didn't quite make it to her feet before Liam could see her predicament. She was embarrassed, but his expression was sympathetic. He helped her to her feet and gave her a hug. "Do you play chess, Mum?" he asked after a moment, holding up the box for her inspection.

The question took her by surprise. She and his father had often played chess. Of course Liam did too, she should have guessed.

"Yes," Eve said. She recognized that he was trying to distract her. She could assume that Cambria had let him know the situation - she doubted that Rosemary would have done so on her own behalf, not wanting to make a fuss. And she was grateful to both of them for it. She could use the distraction.

Liam set up the board. Rusty as she was, Eve found it all coming back as she played. Liam's presence - his care and concern for her - kept the sharpness of her fear a little at bay.

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Posted: Sun Nov 22, 2020 7:53 pm
by Quaxo9
Rosemary Bain

Barclay's entrance had a steeling effect on Rosemary's nerves. He thought he was right. He actually thought he was right in what he did and how he treated people and creatures. Well...she happened to think he wasn't. Now may not be the time to point it out, but she hoped that perhaps that would become clear over the course of the trial. With any luck.

"Thank-you Minister. I had found a lead on the whereabouts of a Death-Eater known as Darren Forness, so I contacted Auror Barclay for help. We followed my jackdaw to a cottage in the woods. When the Auror opened the door, we were greeted by an acromantula, which he told me to deal with. I handled the situation and it was going well until Auror Barclay decided that it wasn't going how he expected it go and moved to attack the creature who was helping us. In the best interest of gaining further information and protecting both parties from injury, I used non-lethal force to remove the aggressor from the situation. The acromantula ended up giving us Forness' trove of items he was using to track so many of our Aurors."

She ended her story abruptly. Of course, she hoped that was what the Minister had been asking for.

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Posted: Sun Nov 22, 2020 11:51 pm
by Monkey Kitty
Minister Granger and Auror Barclay

"I see," Hermione said, after listening carefully to the story Rosemary told. "And that seems to line up with what Auror Barclay told me..."

Barclay took a breath in preparation to cut in.

Hermione didn't give him the chance. "In substance, at least, if not in interpretation. It seems that the old cliche 'all's well that ends well' applies here. No one was seriously wounded... other than Barclay's pride, at any rate. The crisis was averted. Barclay - I'm not quite sure what you expect me to do about any of this?"

Barclay sputtered. "But Minister! Laws were broken! I was attacked!"

"Sometimes the situation calls for rules to be bent," Hermione replied calmly. "Unless you're telling me that your department has never done so...?"

"That's... that's different!" Barclay glanced around, looking for a face that was sympathetic to his plight after the Minister's unexpected desertion of his cause. He found none. "Well, she can't keep the acromantula, at any rate. They're subject to the Ban on Experimental Breeding, and acromantula eggs are classified as Class A Non-Tradeable Goods..."

"My understanding is the acromantula in question is not an egg?" Hermione said with a raised eyebrow. "These are sentient beings. We can't simply exterminate one for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I assume you aren't planning to breed or trade the creature, Professor Bain? If not, Hogwarts is likely the safest place for it unless an appropriate sanctuary can be found."

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Posted: Tue Nov 24, 2020 11:42 pm
by Quaxo9
Rosemary Bain

Well, one thing was for certain: Rosemary liked Minister Granger's perspective. She had shaken her head to confirm the woman's suggestion that she did not plan to breed or trade Keeva and smile had come to her face unsolicited when given permission to keep the acromantula at Hogwart's. All's well that ends well indeed.

"Thank-you Minister. I will do my best to care for her."

Rosemary didn't thank her for the ruling due to the fact that Minister hadn't thought it was something that she needed to be involved in in the first place. The last thing she wanted was to give Barclay some sort of idea that his complaint had merit after it had been so handily dismissed. As much as she was relieved...jubilant...she knew she couldn't display all her feelings here. Barclay looked apoplectic. She didn't need to give him any more reasons to be angry with her.

As much as she was keeping her cool, she couldn't help but glance at Cambria and McGonagall as if to confirm that things had gone just as she thought they had.

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Posted: Wed Nov 25, 2020 12:44 am
by Monkey Kitty
Hermione Granger Cambria Morehouse

Rosemary's indirect question was answered not by Cambria or the headmistress, but by the Minister herself.

"I regret that I can't stay and chat longer," Hermione said. "I'm expected in another meeting. Next time you're in London, though, Professor Bain, feel free to stop by. I'd love to hear more about your adventures with the acromantula--"

"Minister!" Barclay exploded, furious that Hermione would not only dismiss his accusations but make what appeared to be social plans with the culprit.

Hermione stared at him. "Don't you have work to do too, Auror Barclay? Or we have we run out of dark wizards to chase? If I recall correctly from your report, Darren Forness is still at large..."

Barclay gave her a tight little nod and turned on his heel. His face was red, and he was clearly seething.

"You've made an enemy today, Professor Bain," Hermione warned her. "If he causes you more trouble, please let me know. Now, if you'll excuse me..."

When Hermione had left, Cambria let out the breath she'd been holding. She realized she was shaking.

"It's over now, Rosemary. It's okay. It turned out okay..."

"It did," McGonagall agreed. "But be careful. I suspect the Auror has more tricks up his sleeve, and next time he won't want to involve the Minister. Shall we return to Hogwarts? I'm sure your friend Eve is eager to hear how things worked out."

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Posted: Mon Nov 30, 2020 2:22 am
by Quaxo9
Rosemary Bain

Her face had lit up at the Minister's offer, and frankly - her interest, and Rosemary had been eager to reply affirmatively but Barclay interrupted. As usual. The man seemed intent on destroying anything of beauty. That thought may have been a bit over the top, but still, the moment was ruined. It didn't repair itself after he left, either, souring her further toward the man. Blanching, she nodded.

"Thank-you again Minister. I hope we do get to have that chat. Good day."

Rosemary too let out a sigh of relief and gave Cambria a quick hug, still feeling a bit keyed up from the whole proceedings. Not to mention the threat hanging over her head. Two warnings from two people who knew well enough to give meaningful ones. It was concerning, to be sure, but it wasn't something Rosemary planned on losing sleep over. She'd made her bed and was certain to lie in it with no regrets on her part.

"Good point, Minerva. I will have to stay on my toes and perhaps be a bit more careful about further upsetting him. Of course, he doesn't seem to give me much reason not to..." She caught herself and hemmed as though to reset the tone. "Agreed. We really shouldn't delay giving Eve the good news."

The two professors wove their way to Cambria's quarters, assuming that Eve might be waiting there for them. Quite right. Rosemary's face already had a smile on it, but it broadened seeing Liam there keeping her company.

"Good news - the Minister thought I did alright and that Barclay was overreacting. No prison time for me!"

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Posted: Tue Dec 01, 2020 6:36 pm
by Monkey Kitty
Eve Travers

Eve rose from her seat as if in a trance. Just seeing Rosemary was a relief. When they were sending you to Azkaban, they didn't let you go say goodbye first. The pent-up tension left her body in a rush as Rosemary explained what happened.

She took a step closer, arms slightly extended, preparing to hug Rosemary - but then she remembered what had happened in the Great Hall that first night, when it had been assumed she was attacking the headmistress. Rosemary and Cambria had not been part of that, of course; they had defended her. But Eve was suddenly afraid a hug was a step too far. Eve hovered, arms still a little outstretched, shaking with emotion.

"I'm glad," Eve said. "That you're back. That it's okay."

"I'm glad too," Liam agreed.