Welcome to the Suburbs. Population: Odd.

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Re: Welcome to the Suburbs. Population: Odd.

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The McIvors

Rhiannon thought it was cruel that the agents were insistent on the fact they needed to question the children out on the sidewalk. The cameras. Of course she'd noticed them - Cait had pointed them out and she had been all too right about their distinctive hum. And now...and now they must have recorded the thing she'd feared. She could feel their eyes on her now. They were waiting for her response. Watching her every move to see if she'd been lying to them back at their office when she'd denied the children's involvement in the curse.

'Steady on.' Cait's voice echoed in her head. The ground below rumbled, not that she could feel it. The SHIELD agents eyed her, glancing at the street below as though they could see the pipes that were moaning like they were about to burst. Rhiannon forced her face back into a neutral form and released her fingers from the fist she'd inadvertently made. She turned her head enough to make brief eye contact with her sister who was shuffling up the street with that Marshal fellow. Cait wore her characteristic smirk, but the hardness in her eyes betrayed her. At least they could share their anger, if nothing else.

"Is this really necessary? Don't you think they've had enough for today? I mean, I know I have." Cait had caught up to the little group and lifted a hand to her hip, fixing the agents with a steady glare.

The agents ignored her, one bending down on one knee to speak to Evan face to face. Rhiannon bristled.

"So, son. Why don't you tell me what you saw?"

"He saw nothing 'cause he's blind, dumbass."

"Charis! Language!" Rhiannon's protective anger dissipated with the surprise that her child would be foul-mouthed to an authority figure. "I am so sorry Agent. Clearly everything that has happened today has taken its toll. If you already know what happened from your cameras, why torture them further?"

The Agents paused, listening to the chatter in their earpieces, then nodded at the family.

"Very well. Please go home and remain inside until this situation is resolved."

"Wait, we're under house arrest when we were attacked on your watch?" It was Cait's turn to be annoyed.

The Agents opened their mouths to reply, but Rhiannon cut them off. "Of course we'll do our best to comply with your requirements. Come along Evan, Charis."

"Well at least they didn't say we couldn't have company over..." Cait grumbled loud enough for Marshal to hear and Rhys to ignore.
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Re: Welcome to the Suburbs. Population: Odd.

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Imiel and Marshal Knox

Marshal grinned at Cait, pleased both by her casual bravery and her wish to have him there. He was grateful for her... friendship. Yes, it was a good friendship, and he was fortunate that she trusted enough to include him at a such a difficult time.

Imiel, on the other hand, was less sure what Rhys wanted him to do upon the regrouping. Marshal was walking so confidently with Cait, knowing he belonged there - Imiel envied what he imagined was the other man's certainty. He didn't want to push himself into a family situation that had nothing to do with him, to intrude upon a private moment; nor, however, did he want to leave Rhys without support if there was anything he could do to help.

"Can I... uh...?"

Imiel belated realized that sounded like Can I come over?, and abruptly turned crimson. This wasn't the time for awkward attempts at flirtation.

"Can I help, I mean? I could make you something to eat? Or if you want to talk about it? Or... or anything else. Including giving you space if that's what you need. Anything, truly, Rhiannon."
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