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Character Bios (OOC Thread)

Posted: Tue Feb 16, 2021 1:57 am
by Monkey Kitty
Post your characters here.

Because we're doing this. :)

Re: Character Bios (OOC Thread)

Posted: Thu Feb 25, 2021 4:25 am
by Quaxo9
Well, I said I was bringing the family, so here we go:

Name: Caitriona McIvor

Age: Late twenties/early thirties

Gender: female

Physical Description: Fire-red hair cropped short with curls falling over a well-freckled brow. Her fine bone structure is typical of her Celtic heritage and one would have no trouble placing her as being from the Emerald Isle, despite her lack of a discernable accent. Just because her build is slight doesn’t mean that she isn’t strong. She not only carries herself with confidence, but appears that she could back up that confidence with force if need be. Tending toward jeans, tank tops and button-down shirts with more pockets than Wall Street, she is never without a pair of leather gloves and a ball cap.

Family ties: Rhiannon is her twin sister, Charis and Ewan are her niece and nephew

Skills: She will tell you that she can do anything. If you spend enough time around her, you’ll start to suspect that she might be right. Cait is an anthropologist who spent a large part of her degree and post-doctorate in the field – more specifically, the jungles of Peru. She is fluent in several languages, many of them South American dialects, and some of them dead. Cait also has a black belt in karate and can make a mean banana split.

Mutant Ability: Shapeshifter (animals only)

Personality: Cait is a brazen, loud-mouthed and opinionated. She will try anything twice, laughs at her own terrible dad jokes and will absolutely die for her family (possibly also for kittens). On the job, though, she is known for her focus and the strange ability she has to put the right people in the right place at the right time to get them all out of a dangerous situation.
Name: Rhiannon McIvor

Age: late twenties/early thirties

Gender: female

Physical Description: Her fire-red hair falls well below her shoulders, but is often tucked into a perfect braid rather than flowing free. Her fine bone structure is typical of her Celtic heritage and one would have no trouble placing her as being from the Emerald Isle, especially once she opens her mouth. Carrying herself with quiet grace, she tends to blend in as much as she stands out in a crowd. Her attire changes several times a day, but a golden torc and a pair of gloves are fashion constants.

Family ties: Caitriona is her twin sister, Charis and Ewan are her children

Skills: She will tell you that as a mom, she can do anything. This is very nearly true. While an expert gardener and house painter, her true love is music. The house generally has many instruments of all kinds scattered about, with sheet music on stands tucked into various corners of their dwelling. She favours the strings and is a locally renowned harpist.

Mutant Ability: Controls her bio-resonance field

Personality: Mild-mannered and soft spoken, Rhiannon is the perfect lady, the best neighbour and most envied/hated PTA mom. She’s a good listener, asks great questions and reads 900 page biographies for fun. Few people know she has a wicked competitive streak.
Name: Charis Thomas
Age: 12

Gender: female

Physical Description: Typical twelve-year old girl who loves sports. In other words, her red hair constantly in a pony tail and a duffel bag full of smelly sports equipment slung over her shoulder pretty much any time she’s not in class. Otherwise, she happens to like the current trends and blends in well with her classmates except for the gloves.

Family ties: Rhiannon is her mother, Ewan is her twin brother, Caitriona is her aunt. Dad Henry isn’t currently in the picture.

Skills: Still growing into them, but Charis is athletic, with interests in gymnastics and softball. She wishes she liked history so she could be more like her aunt, but her scholastic talents lie with science and mathematics. She frequently uses these talents to prank bullies at school.

Mutant Ability: So far, telepathy that only works with her twin brother.

Personality: A bit of a wild child, she does everything with abandon - her persistence in her pursuit of many of those things is what allows her to excel. She would be more popular with the cool kids if she took the title of ‘athlete’ a bit more seriously – but she can’t help but enter science fairs and math competitions (of course, the last kid who called her a nerd for being in chess club got the nastiest wedgie of all time). Charis is a genuine person, upbeat, and kind – she just doesn’t take kindly to anyone who tries to push her or her brother around.
Name: Ewan Thomas

Age: 12

Gender: male

Physical Description: Typical tweenage boy complete with red hair and freckles. The dark glasses and the white walking stick tend to set him apart, though. Blind from birth, Ewan uses his sense of touch to keep himself oriented in his dark world. He likes jeans because they feel substantial and chooses his own tee shirts based on Charis’ description. He’d wear a hat if he was allowed to because he’s convinced he would look dapper (read: badass). Bright green Chucks and a pair of gloves complete his every day outfit.

Family ties: Rhiannon is his mother, Charis is his twin sister, Caitriona is his aunt. Dad Henry isn’t currently in the picture.

Skills: Still growing into them, but the kid is a wiz with electronics and code. While he may rely on his hearing to play video games with his sister, Ewan has learned to rely on his sense of touch more than anything else.

Mutant Ability: So far, telepathy that only works with his twin sister.

Personality: The eye to the do-everything hurricane that is his sister. Ewan listens to books on tape and loves the stories about ancient civilizations his aunt tells when she visits. He’s quiet at school more because he is never sure if he has an audience, which is why he tends to be more talkative with his online friends. He’s caring and patient - and would do anything for his sister.

Re: Character Bios (OOC Thread)

Posted: Fri Feb 26, 2021 1:54 am
by Monkey Kitty
George Collins

Age: Early thirties

Gender: Male

Physical description: George is a little taller than average, with a thin and somewhat gangly build. He has brown eyes, curly auburn hair cut short, and is generally winter pale unless he spent too much time outside and got sunburned - he never manages a tan. He's reasonably good-looking but an average guy, not likely to draw attention in a crowd.

Family ties: Single father to two children, Annie who is three years old, and Mia who is an infant. George is a widower after the death of his wife in a car accident. They moved to the neighborhood to get a fresh start.

Hobbies: Reading, camping, hiking, canoeing, crosswords.

Occupation: Information technology at an insurance office.