Under the Bright Lights

The war between Vampires and Lycans has ended, but an even deadlier threat has risen: Humanity. The world of immortals is a secret no longer, and terrified humans seek to exterminate the source of their fear. Vampires, Lycans, and other immortal species now hide themselves, struggle to survive, and fight back. Their future and their very existence are at stake.
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Re: Under the Bright Lights

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Isaac Fishblatt

Isaac was visibly relieved when Riff said that this Marek had never been part of the notorious European Coven. That had not been a contingency of Isaac's offer... but it helped. A Vampire who had never harmed Lycans would be an easier sell for the Pack than one who had hunted their kind, even if he had subsequently reformed. Perhaps this man wasn't really so different from them after all.

"You don't need to thank me, Riff," Isaac said. "No debts are owed."

His eyes drifted to the window again. His mind, though, was far away for a moment,

"I tried to get my family out of Germany," Isaac said softly. "Back during the War. The second World War, I mean - not the blood feud between immortals. We knew the danger, tried to escape - but there was nowhere to go. Nowhere that would take us. We were trapped there. It cost three of my family - and my sister's unborn child - their lives. There was nothing I could do back then. Now there is... for others. You don't need to thank me. If I didn't do this, the weight of the past would fall even harder on me."
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