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Re: False Flags (WWII setting)

Posted: Thu Jan 27, 2022 4:13 am
by Quaxo9
Berta Einsbrecht

She'd spent much of the last few days in quiet contemplation - what a terrible houseguest she'd been - but she couldn't have helped it. Simply couldn't have helped it. It just didn't make any sense. What he'd told her. Why he'd told her those things.

It wasn't like Gerhard to be fanciful. To tell stories. Lies. In fact, if she were to believe in anything, it would be in the steadfast stoicism of her brother. So if she believed in that...then he must by telling the truth.

It took her far too long to come to that conclusion. But as she grasped it, her soul recognized it as the right path. The truth, though as unlikely as it sounded, had to be. Which meant that she owed Gerhard an apology.

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Posted: Sat Jan 29, 2022 10:25 pm
by Monkey Kitty
Gilda Engel

As the days passed, Gilda felt like a dark cloud was descending closer and closer - her return to Berlin. Here by the seaside, for the first time in her life she was actually... happy. She hadn't expected that to happen here in the cottage. But the kindness and warmth that filled the little house now was banishing the painful and confusing childhood memories.

She didn't want to go back.

Belatedly, she realized she didn't have to.

If she wasn't going to seduce Nazis - if she was going to give her planned ultimatum that she would serve the Resistance in other ways - she didn't have to. She could stay here. Say she was retreating to the country for her health, or the quiet. No one would miss her in Berlin... not really. To them, she was just a pretty face. Replaceable. Out of sight, out of mind.

With that thought, the cloud lifted.

She knew Gerhard must be doing his own adjustments. Gilda hesitated to add any complications to his already complicated relationship with Berta. But they could only delay the inevitable so long.

Gilda found Gerhard in the kitchen after dinner one evening, and said bluntly, "We need to make some plans. Kraus is dealt with... but he left a legacy of sorts. His other hidden samples of the Lycan virus. I doubt anyone knows about them yet, but it's only a matter of time before some curious person goes through his notes and puts two and two together. We need to track down the samples first, before that happens, and destroy them. After that, we can go to Marco and tell him you want to join the Resistance. With evidence that you've already helped with something so major, he can hardly say no."

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Posted: Sun Apr 03, 2022 11:17 pm
by Quaxo9
Gerhard Einsbrecht

It was amazing how easy it was to avoid someone in a house as small as this one. He knew Berta thought he was lying to her, but he couldn't think of any way to convince her. And in a way, he didn't want to. It was better for her to live in a world where werewolves were just stories made to keep children home at night. At least the truth had been spoken aloud and thus, was wiped from his conscience.

So then, he could focus on the future. Naturally, it was bristling with unknowns, but he felt somewhat better knowing he wouldn't have to face Dr. Kraus and try to come up with some story that would satisfy the man. No, he just had to keep what he knew to himself - and as Gerhard wasn't exactly an important person - he doubted anyone would even ask. He was moving on in his thoughts when Gilda arrived and laid out a basic plan of attack.

"I agree. The fact that other vials still exist...worries me. And the notes he made on Isaac. We must find them and destroy them as well. But where to we begin? No doubt he moved his operation after the escape?"

Though, Gerhard thought, that wasn't necessarily true. After all, he'd found the notes on Isaac's parents in Kraus' office.

"Of course, it would be good to go through Herr Kraus' office. Undoubtedly this was not his only 'project'. Even if it is nothing we can work with - the Resistance may be interested."

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Posted: Tue Apr 12, 2022 12:42 am
by Monkey Kitty
Gilda Engel

Gilda pondered a moment, and said, "I'm not sure he would have moved anything yet. Isaac escaped - he wouldn't expect him to break back into the hospital, after what happened there, and as far as Kraus knew, no one else knew what was going on. It's a place to start. Maybe we'll find some notes that will direct us where to go next. We should make plans to go back to Berlin."

The thought filled her with a darkness that seemed to have lifted here at the cottage. There was so much evil in the stronghold of the reich.

"I think Isaac will want to help. Obviously he can't come to the hospital - that's far too dangerous - but he can still provide support in other ways. I assume Berta will stay here? She seems happy here. She can stay with Isaac's parents. If she wants. And if you want."

Once that was settled, they could prepare to depart for Berlin.

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Posted: Tue Jul 05, 2022 1:58 am
by Quaxo9
Gerhard Einsbrecht

He nodded. Going back to Berlin was inevitable. His medical leave would be up soon. But it made it a little easier to go back knowing that his sister was somewhere safe. No one knew about her, he was certain. And now, even if they knew, they'd never find her.

"Your generosity...Berta safe...thank-you. I cannot begin to...find words. To thank enough."

Of course, he still had much to explain to Berta. Much he needed to ask Isaac. But it was...too much. He needed time. And the work of the Resistance would provide a good distraction in the meantime.

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Posted: Sat Oct 01, 2022 12:58 am
by Monkey Kitty
Gilda Engel

"You're welcome," Gilda told Gerhard sincerely. "I'm happy to--"

What she was going to say was cut short by the tripping of the cottage wards. Someone was approaching. Gilda could sense it.

"Excuse me a moment," she said, and stepped outside, hastily making her way down the path to intercept the visitor.

She had worried the SS men had returned - and if they were back this soon, it meant her ploy hadn't worked as intended and she was going to have to think fast - but fortunately it was a less threatening presence. Marco, her boss in the Resistance... at the moment, looking quite angry.

"Gilda, what the hell is going on? You shouldn't have made me come here. It isn't safe for me to be seen here. But you vanished with that Lycan, and now they're saying Kraus is missing too. I assume Herr Doctor is here with you? You took him to your safehouse? Of all the reckless..."

But Gilda shook her head. "I didn't bring Kraus here. He followed me to the village. And now he's... he's dead."

"Dead?" Marco stared at her in disbelief.

Her blue eyes calmly met his. "Yes. Dead. What does it matter? You knew I was going to cause his death eventually. The man was a monster. This is no loss to the world. He attacked me. Tried to kill me. I did what I had to do to survive."

This was, of course, a minor lie. Though the circumstances were as she described, she had not been the one to kill Kraus - Isaac had. Isaac wasn't a safe target for Marco's anger, though. Best to take responsibility herself.

"You could have been replaced," Marco spat back at her. A moment later, he realized what he had said. "I'm sorry, I should not have said that..."

Gilda shrugged. "But you did mean it."

"Yes. You're nothing so special. Germany is full of pretty faces. Your talents are certainly useful in their way, but someone else could have taken your place. We needed information from Kraus more than we need you."

It stung. After all she had done for the Resistance, it stung. But there was one consolation. Isaac doesn't think I'm replaceable...

"We'll get Kraus's information either way," she assured him. "I have a plan."

"No. Someone else can handle that. One of the men. I have another assignment for you. There's another officer in need of your... attentions. Rolf Bauer. Herr Bauer is unmarried at least, so you won't have a wife to dodge when you--"



"I said no."

"You're... refusing my orders?"

Gilda folded her arms resolutely. "Not categorically. I'm refusing this order, though. I'm not going to bed with Nazis anymore."

"You're abandoning the Resistance?"

"No. Not at all. I told you what I'm doing. I will find the information you needed from Kraus. I will bring it back to you. Not one of your men. Me. I will complete this mission, and when I have done so, you will never order me into some degrading seduction again. You will treat me as the equal of any of your other agents."

Marco threw up his hands. "Fine! Do what you want. If you get yourself killed, it's your own fault. If you fail in this, you'll be lucky if we can still find a use for you at all."

"I won't fail," Gilda said, staring him dead in the eye.

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Posted: Sun Jan 22, 2023 5:45 pm
by Quaxo9
Gerhard Einsbrecht

He'd lingered in the other room, prepared for the worst. The man's verbal onslaught was, at first, utterly confusing. As the conversation continued, however, it became all too clear that this man was a higher ranking agent in the Resistance. It was also clear that the man thought very little of Gilda as an agent - and as a person. That bothered him. He stepped into the room, holding himself to attention out of habit, though Marco would likely receive very little cues from Gerhard's stoic face.

"Pardon me. I am Gerhard Einsbrecht and I can say without a doubt that the end of Herr Doctor is a blessing for all, not just the Allied forces. Having served the man in the small capacity I did...there is more to gain from his death than you could gotten out of him alive. I have access to his office, if that might be of service to you, Fraulein Engel."

Gerhard nodded in her direction, taking care to look at her so that this man might see he was willing to follow GIlda's orders in order to complete her mission. Of course, he also had no doubt that he had just put his life in danger by being a Nazi who admitted to working for Kraus. Some things just couldn't be avoided in pursuit of a conclusion.

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Posted: Thu Jan 26, 2023 2:11 am
by Monkey Kitty
Gilda Engel

Marco looked back and forth between Gilda and Gerhard in consternation.

"Really?" he asked, his face becoming bright red from collar to hairline. "Another one? Did you miss the part where our missions were supposed to be secret, Gilda?"

Gilda shook her head and replied calmly. "This is an entirely different situation. Kraus followed me here, through no fault of my own. Herr Einsbrecht is an ally. He has volunteered to assist with the plan we have been discussing. He can be trusted."

Marco laughed, without humor. "Ah yes, I'm sure your latest handsome young boyfriend is entirely trustworthy," he replied sarcastically.

Gilda merely held his gaze. "Enough. Gerhard is a friend."

At that, Marco laughed even harder. "You don't have any friends."

For the first time, Gilda blushed slightly. "I am not interested in discussing my social life with you. I must insist that we focus on the mission. As Herr Einsbrecht has said, he has access that the rest of us do not, and that will be an asset. We will enter the late doctor's office, search for his notes, and determine the location of the remaining samples, which we will retrieve and destroy."

Marco shrugged. "Fine. It doesn't look like I can stop you, does it? But if you get yourselves in trouble, you're on your own. And if you compromise this organization, I swear I'll kill you both myself... if the Gestapo doesn't get to you first."

Gilda regarded the irate handler without fear. "You need not worry. We will not fail in this or compromise secrecy. You'll see. Now I will see you to the door - we need to leave for Berlin."

She wordlessly escorted Marco out, then began loading the few essentials they would chance taking with them into the car for the journey.