False Flags (WWII setting)

The war between Vampires and Lycans has ended, but an even deadlier threat has risen: Humanity. The world of immortals is a secret no longer, and terrified humans seek to exterminate the source of their fear. Vampires, Lycans, and other immortal species now hide themselves, struggle to survive, and fight back. Their future and their very existence are at stake.
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Re: False Flags (WWII setting)

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Gilda Engel

"That would be wonderful!" Gilda said - with just a faint note of genuine relief. She had always worried she wasn't keeping the place up to the standards her foster parents would have wanted. That they wouldn't want her touching their home at all... which was almost certainly true. Having another set of eager hands to take up the work would surely help set things right.

"I would be delighted to have your help. I'm sure you can coax much more life into this old garden. Oh, I think Gerhard is back."

She could hear the faint sound of a car rattling down the gravel driveway, and the wards on the house limited the possibilities for who that might be.
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