Under the Bright Lights

The war between Vampires and Lycans has ended, but an even deadlier threat has risen: Humanity. The world of immortals is a secret no longer, and terrified humans seek to exterminate the source of their fear. Vampires, Lycans, and other immortal species now hide themselves, struggle to survive, and fight back. Their future and their very existence are at stake.
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Re: Under the Bright Lights

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Asif and Lina

Asif had told himself that he wouldn't cry. That he would be stoic. A rock for Lina, but giving no vent to his own feelings.

Holding his newborn daughter in his arms, though, he couldn't quite manage to keep his emotions in check. Tears ran down his cheeks, and his shoulders shook. He was too overcome with gratitude. With relief.

He'd been worried for so long. About Lina. About his nieces and Taara. About the new life they were bringing into the world, an unplanned surprise, welcome but arriving such dangerous and uncertain times. At the back of his mind, even when he was happy, there had been fear for so long that he had forgotten what it felt like not to be afraid. Not to spend every day fighting the terror that someday he would be unable to protect them. That he would lose them. How could something as fragile as a newborn possibly survive?

But she had survived, and so had Lina. Finally, they were all safe. His tiny new daughter was in his arms, and he was overcome by how blessed he was.

"Are you alright, Asif?" Lina asked - exhausted herself, but as ever caring for those around her.

Asif realized he'd been silent too long. He hadn't told her the reason for his tears. But he thought she knew. He thought she felt it too.

"Yes, my dearest." He kissed her, and sat on the edge of the bed to pass the newborn girl back to her so they could hold their little one together. "Yes. I'm well. All is well. I'm just so..."

He didn't know what to say. 'Happy' wasn't nearly enough.

Lina squeezed his hand. "I know," she said. "I am too."

"Little Nafisa," Asif whispered. "You are such a blessing to us."
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