Islands on Another World (GW2)

A fantastical world filled with action and adventure, where the land can be both beautiful and deadly. An RP world based on the Guild Wars game, individuals and groups of people battle deadly creatures, powerful nemeses and each other to maintain a balance between good and evil. Professions of the land include Monks, Rangers, Warriors, Elementalists, Necromancers, Mesmers, Ritualists, Assassins, Dervish and Paragons. Ocassionally humans will seek aid from the 5 gods, Balthazar, Melandru, Dwayna, Grenth, and Lyssa when confronting a powerful foe beyond their abilities.
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Re: Islands on Another World (GW2)

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Daggerfall City

Nairn would not have to do much infiltration to get wind of local events, as it turned out. The city was quite abuzz with it. Here in Daggerfall - a bit more cosmopolitan and urban than the outlying farmlands, smallholds, and duchies - sympathies seemed to rest mainly with the persecuted elves, though every now and then a contrary whisper would surface about the 'elven threat' instead. Horrifying tales were relayed of torture, kidnap, and murder... but also of resistance, of elves fighting back. The city folk were beginning to become concerned about the large numbers of refugees seeking shelter in Daggerfall. Some elves were gambling on the city remaining safe, while others frantically sought to book passage to distant shores; in both cases, hastily constructed dwellings and tents began popping up in the streets, as citizens and guards kept a wary eye. It would likely be these refugees, if anyone, who could tell the truth of what fate was befalling their people in the countryside. Meanwhile, whispered tales of a mysterious elf leader known only as Farsight began to establish increasingly heroic proportions for this half-mythical figure who was determined to save the elf population from destruction at human hands.

In the inn, Fira would hear much the same rumors. In general, the Rosy Lion served a fairly average clientele, mostly locals drinking in the bar or rooms occupied by travelers passing through, with the occasional guest booking a more long-term stay. There were perhaps a few more elf guests than usual staying at the inn - though not as many as circumstances would normally dictate. So many had been forced to flee in haste with nothing but the clothes on their backs that few could still afford even as relatively modest accommodations as the Lion.

The only guests Fira would notice who really stood out were an Imperial family - a husband, wife, two grown daughters, and one adult son. These particular individuals seemed like fish out of water, far more formal in their dress and manners than anyone nearby, and seemingly with no fears of drawing attention. Quite the contrary, they seemed to enjoy the stir they were causing and were content to look down their noses at anyone who stared. The innkeeper seemed quietly resigned to them - their coin was good, after all, and as long-term residents of the inn, the family had spent quite a bit of it.
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